Project Outline

Blackwatch Petroleum Services is a small company that provides consulting services to clients in the Oil and Gas industry. In 2001, the company operated from Aberdeen, London and Houston, and had an extensive network of freelance consultants to assist with their portfolio of assignments. Blackwatch relied on the knowledge of one of the members of staff to keep their IT systems working. When this person left the Company, I was recommended to come and join them at their London office in a network administrator capacity.

The network as it was

Blackwatch Petroleum Services Network Configuration, as it was

The Client required a system where users did not have to queue to check their email. They also required the use of their specialist software in London and, for costs reasons, preferred not to have to purchase a second licence for the software. They also found that email transport was too slow, large attachments were rejected by the server, and regularly experienced time-out issues when uploading large data models to the web server via ftp.

The network reconfigured

Blackwatch Petroleum Services Network Configuration, post reconfiguration

As technology evolved, I replaced the ISDN link, which provided a dedicated point-to-point intranet service that solved the licence issue, the dial-up modems and the Cisco routers with ADSL compatible hardware, and upgraded the London switch to Gigabit speeds. On a day-to-day basis, I took care of equipment and components purchasing, software installation and configuration (operating systems upgrades and patches, anti-virus software, personal firewalls configuration, etc.), the implementation of a centralised data back-up system, and defined and implemented a disaster prevention strategy.

In 2006, the client permanently moved their engineering department to Aberdeen. I continued providing support to their London-based accounts department until the end of 2012.

Project Info

  • Client: Blackwatch Petroleum Services
  • Engagement Partner: Directly by Client
  • Job title: Network Administrator
  • Date: 2001-2012
  • Technologies: Microsoft, Cisco