Project Outline

Casa Conde (Europe) Ltd is the UK registered arm of Casa Conde S.L, a family owned and managed company based in Galicia, a region in the North West of Spain. The Company was established to facilitate the import and distribution of padron peppers and local food products from the region.

The role

I was engaged by the Client to deal with the technicalities involved in the setup of the Company's website. From initial domain registration and site page design, to finding suitable hosting providers and setting up email accounts. Once the setup was complete, the administration was delegated to a member of the Client's family.

Padron Pepers home page

Project Info

  • Client: Casa Conde (Europe) Ltd
  • Engagement Partner: Directly by client
  • Job title: Website Designer
  • Date: 2005
  • Technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Lessons learnt: The site is still online and displays reasonably well after 11 years.