Project Outline

Gottesman Jones & Partners LLP is a firm of United States lawyers based in London engaged in the practice of law involving international comercial transactions. I was recommended to the Firm by a member of staff, as they seemed unable to find an IT services provider capable of supporting a hybrid Windows / Novell NetWare network.

The network in 2004

The firm supported a mixed Windows 95 (10%), 98 (80%) and XP Home (10%) client environment, in a Novell 3.12 network operating system environment. Information technology was centrally managed by a senior partner, with control of desktop applications and resources distributed to individual users. The organisation had low bandwidth needs and required strong desktop client management. The email system for their domain was provided by Yahoo! and was a mission-critical application for communications. Network security was low-key and there were no contingency plans in the event of server failure. Tape data backups were taken daily.

Gottesman Jones Network Configuration as of 2004

The network from 2005 onwards

Gottesman Jones Network Configuration as of 2005

The role

During the years I provided support to the Firm I got involved in a wide variety of IT tasks, including configuration of Exchange server to accept mail from the Firm's internet domain, AOL accounts, and Gmail, an office relocation project, and the writting of a number of macros for document processing purposes.

Project Info

  • Client: Gottesman Jones & Partners LLP
  • Engagement Partner: Directly by Client
  • Job title: Network Administrator
  • Date: 2004-2010
  • Technologies: Novell, Windows Small Business Server
  • Lessons Learnt: Never argue with a senior lawyer. You will lose your case ;-)