Project Outline

Mediasterling is a small digital media company based in London. They provide Word automation solutions to boutique banking clients and other verticals.

The role

I was employed to replace a member of staff who had moved on with her career. During my time with the Company, I worked on a number of Word for Windows projects following the Company's project management methodologies and using the existing macro code library as the initial plug-in for the project. To this base code I added new functionality using procedure-based and custom object classes. Where appropriate, I implemented fixes and enhancements to the code library; developed new tools; and took full responsibility for the translation of design specifications into working templates to a high level of precision and accuracy.

I also had an active role in marketing and promotion of the business, both during my employment and after I returned to interim work, and generated a number of sales leads, two of which resulted in contracts for services for the firm.

Below are two examples of my outputs. I worked on many more, including EFG-Hermes, Mazars, Hays, Seymour Pierce, Lane Clark & Peacock LLP, and Bonhams amongst others.

Sample Template: Danske Bank

Danske Bank Sample Report Template

Sample Application: Rasmala

Rasmala Factsheet Generator

Project Info

  • Client: Mediasterling
  • Engagement Partner: In Company's Payroll
  • Job title: Developer
  • Date: 2008-2010
  • Technologies: Word, Excel, VBA/VB
  • Lessons learnt: Autocratic project management can be detrimental to team morale.